Monday, March 10, 2014

Tribute City Relayers - Relay Kick Off & Zorro's Tavern Pirate Fundraiser Recap

The past weekend was a busy one for the Tribute City Relayers! Our team Co-Captain, Johannes1977 Resident aka John, kicked off the Sunday morning at the official Relay For Life of Second Life Kickoff party with 1 hour of rock music! With the SL viewer not changing time and with the real life time difference, the rock music was needed! John's lady, RoxyLee Rayna, was on hand to dance with John!

At 2pm slt on Sunday, the Tribute City Relayers had their first official fundraiser at Zorro's Tavern! The theme was pirate and nautical. DJ Cia played a great set, mixed with sea songs! Mermaids and pirates could be found everywhere!

Late that night, an impromptu kiosk party at the Relay For Life kick off closing party was held! And who showed up?? Rob, John, and Roxy of course!

It was a great day for the Tribute City Relayers! With all of the events yesterday, our team has now raised a bit over 78,000Ls for Relay For Life of Second Life, only 22,000Ls away from silver! Thanks to everyone who supported us yesterday! View the slide show below for more photos of yesterday's events:


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