Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tribute City & Club Capital Reopens!

This past Sunday saw the grand reopening of Tribute City and Club Capital! The past month we have been reorganizing and restructuring to bring you a much better experience that is streamlined and easy to follow! All clubs are located now in one location and under the Club Capital name. We still have your favorite dj's, hosts, music, and events, just in one easy to find location! Tribute City has also been streamlined to give you the best items from the location, including shops, fishing, and of course special events!

Sunday's grand opening was a huge success, with DJ Anakin & Host Jami packing the location for 2 hours, followed by DJ John for another grand packed two hours! The sim was packed and hit 100 avis! Thanks to all of our vips, supporters, and visitors who have continued to support us throughout our transition. Below are photos of the event:


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