Sunday, April 7, 2013

Skatefest Days #1 & #2 Recap!

Skatefest kicked off on Friday with a 4 hour event! Skatefest is a 3 day Relay for Life of SL fundraising event presented by the Tribute City Relayers. DJ Anakin kicked off events with a 2 hour rock set:

DJ Jessi continued the part with a 2 hour electro set, as everyone danced and of course skated:

On Saturday the party continued, this time DJ Jessi kicked off things with 2 hours of modern rock:

DJ Donna closed out the day with 2 hours of pop music:

The first 2 days of fundraising pushed the Tribute City Relayers past the 190k linden fundraising mark!! Below are more photos of the first 2 days of Skatefest, join everyone today for the end of Skatefest:


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