Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patricks Day Party Recap

Yesterday was St. Patricks Day and Tribute City marked the day with 2 special events! The first was a 2 hour Green Day Bash, which was also a Relay for Life in SL fundraiser! Host Donna and DJ Jessi kicked the party off, soon a sea of green was in the special Irish Pub, that was rezzed for the special day! Guests partied, danced, drank green beer and donated, pushing the Tribute City Relayers RFL team over the 100,000 linden mark!

Later in the day, fishers were treated to a special St. Patrick's Day event, with a 50 minuted fishing contest. Tribute City Fishing Manager, John held two special events, with the night time one being the busiest and most greenest:

Below are more photos of both events:


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