Friday, March 22, 2013

Club Nation

I havent blogged in awhile so think it time to get some pictures on here.Club Nation is a nice friendly club where you can come and dance,chill,have  chat and a laugh with the friendly staff Club Nation is open from Tuesday to Friday at 8am-10am sl time theres a wide range of tunes to listen to from the 80's to present day from the awesome dj's that we have here theres Dj Crysis Dj Jessii Dj Jami that come in every now and then to balst their awesome tunes but normaly its Dj Emilia on a Tuesday Wednesday and Friday and Dj Donna is their on a Thursday playing her mix of tunes.So be sure to come and join the friendly staff and vips here at the club,
Here are some pictures from the club over the last weeks.


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