The Tribute City Relayers 2014 Relay Campsite

The Tribute City Relayers won Best Theme Campsite at the 2014 Relay Weekend!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Avenged Sevenfold Tribute Recap!

Every weekend is a fun party in Tribute City and this past one was no exception! Two great days of partying on Friday and Saturday, ended with a big party on Sunday! Bad Amp tribute bands of Second Life, brought a great 90 minute Avenged Sevenfold tribute concert to the sim! Things kicked off with a pre concert show with DJ Anakin & Host Jami:

After DJ Anakin, the Avenged Sevenfold tribute concert started. Everyone had fun dancing and rocking to 90 minutes of their favorite tunes by the band"

Below are photos from the entire day:

Monday, February 25, 2013

New 7Seas Fishing Area!

Tribute City has two daily fishing events, one at 705 am slt and another at 605 pm slt for all you night fishers. The events are hosted by fishing manager, Johannes1977 aka John as we all call him. John has recently set up a new fishing area, that is very woodsy and calm and away from any distractions. You can still fish at the Tribute City canal also, where there is a weekly tournament. Below are photos of the new fishing area and a recent contest:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Green Festival is a FEATURED SL Destinations Event

Tribute City is kicking off a month long celebration of all things green, in honor of St. Patricks Day! We present:  The Green Festival! Check back on this blog for a complete listing of events and contests to celebrate St. Patricks Day, throughout the upcoming weeks!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Introducing the Tribute City Relayers!

Tribute City has an official 2013 SL Relay for LIfe team:  The Tribute City Relayers! We are the child team of last year's Flying Tigers RFL team and are ready to fight cancer! Our team will hold events throughout the relay season on our sim and our team is open for anyone to join. Please contact Rob Fenwitch or Holdencanturbury Resident if you would like to join the team! Check out this blog and our group notices in world for fundraising events!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Rezz Day Crysis!

Today, DJ Crysis celebrated his 4th Rezz Day in Second Life! A party was held for Crysis at xTreme Rock Club, where DJ Anakin played 2 hours of Crysis' favorite rock tunes! Everyone came out and celebrated the special day with Crysis. Soon the sim was packed and there were 100 avis! Thanks to everyone who came to help Crysis remember the special day:

Love is in the Air in Tribute City!

Yesterday was Valetines Day and guests had 6 hours of partying before them! After the best in formal event, guests were able to dance to the music of DJ Sweetdizzy. Host Rinka was along to keep everyone in the heartful mood, as guests danced and grabbed the free party gifts that were all over the special created Valentines Dance area:

The romantic day ended with a packed event with DJ Anakin and host Tamara:

Mardi Gras Party Recap!

Today marked the end of a really great and fun week in Tribute City! Tuesday saw an 8 hour Mardi Gras Party with guests partying at Club Nation and at the specially created Mardi Gras area on the sim:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines day 2013 @ Club Nation

Yes today it was valentines day so we decorated the Club with hearts and balloons and got on our formal outfits on for the 700l formal event Dj Donna was playing a mix off old and new love songs for all the lovers and even the singletons out there everyone had a good time with a few saying they had a good time and that they loved the music.
pictues below........

Mardi Gras @ fishing event

Even the fishermen and women like to celebrate Mardi Gras on the Tribute City Sim theres a nice little quiet area that is all done out for all you 7seas fishing people the events are normaly every night at 6.05pmsl time and John is always you'r host at the events and on this day the fishers even celebrated Mardi Gras and there was 1500l in the pot but it got raised with every1 adding their donations into it and the pot was split between the top 15 people all had fun here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Green Day Tribute Band Concert Recap!

On Sunday, guests were treated to a special 90 minute Green Day Tribute concert! Before the actual concert, there was a 4 hour pre concert show! DJ Donna with Host Jessi kicked things off with a 2 hour pop and dance set:

After DJ Donna, DJ Crysis with Host Jami, hit the stage. DJ Crysis played 2 hours of rock music that had everyone dancing and rocking it out:

After DJ Crysis, the featured event, the Green Day Tribute band hit the stage and played 90 minutes of everyone's favorite Green Day hits! 

Thanks to all our vips and guests who came out! Below are more photos of the concert day:

Mard Gras @ Club Nation

Tonight at Club Nation we kicked off the 8hour Mardi Gras party on the Tribute City Sim.Dj Crysis was here in Club Nation for the first time djin for us all we had 700l on the board for come as you are/mardi gras wear there Donna hosting and keeping the crowd happy and tagged up and making sure they all was ont he board. The club soon started to fill up with vips and soon there was 77 vips on the sim all dancing and partying to the awesome tunes of Dj Crysis woot what an awesome start to the Mardi Gras party.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl Weekend Recap

The past weekend was the Super Bowl in America and congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens who won the game! Tribute City had a 3 day Super Bowl party, each day was a packed party on the sim! Events continued on Saturday with a 4 hour event. DJ Jessi kicked off things with a 2 hour rock set and even showed up in 49er's gear:

The party continued with DJ Donna and Host Tamara! The special football area was packed even more by this time:

Sunday was the actual Super Bowl and there was a 4 hour party with DJ Anakin kicking things off with 2 hours of rock music:

DJ Crysis closed out the day with a 2 hour performance, packing the sim with 100 avis!!

Below are more photos from the weekend:

Monday, February 4, 2013

F&H Pub recap of events Jan 28-Feb1st

We had a fun week at Foxes and Hounds Pub. DJ Soft made her debut at Foxes on Friday and an awesome fun time at each event.

On Monday Jan 28th, it was Foxes early event of the week, 8-10am slt. DJ Mia was on the decks with a variety of pop n rock n more from 2000 and up. And nice and simple Come As Are on the board.

Tues Jan 29th was DJ Mia again on the decks, this time with a mix of 80s and 90s music and a Best In Red Contest.

On Weds Jan 30th, DJ Heath was spinning great music and Come As Are Contest was on the board.

Then on Thursday Jan 31st, DJ Mia was back on the decks with more great music, a mix of pop and rock and it was Best in Blue on the board.

Friday Feb 1st, DJ Softfoot made her debut at Foxes and Hounds Pub. The board got bumped to 1k at halftime and it was Come As Are Fridays. Even the Fabulous Mr Fox himself (Rob Fenwitch, the builder of F&H Pub) was able to come party for a while too.

Foxes and Hounds Pub is a Tribute City Off Sim venue located here:  
You can come party with Foxes and Hounds Pub Mondays 8-10am slt and Tuesdays thru Fridays 2-4pm slt.

Every Monday, Weds and Friday, the Pub keeps things simple with Come As You Are Contest. Tuesdays the Pub has a themed contest and music is 80s and 90s Thursdays are also a themed contest day. Most themed contests there are freebies to help those who need something to be in theme. The music at Foxes and Hounds Pub is from the 80s on up to today and can be a mix of rock, pop, dance, club and more..Sometimes even some country gets mixed in.

Contact Manager Mia Deluca for group invite, regarding employment at the Pub or anything else Pub related.
Hope to see you at Foxes and Hounds Pub soon. All are welcome.