Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekend Recap in Tribute City!

The past weekend was a busy one in Tribute City! Events started on Friday with DJ Emila & Host Donna at Club Nation and continued on with DJ Jessi at Club Capital. DJ Anakin also rounded off Friday's events at xTreme CT Rock. Next up was Saturday where, DJ Jessi kicked off things at Club Nation:

Events continued with DJ Donna, packing Club Capital:

On Sunday, the party continued with a 6 HOUR Sunday event at Club Capital! DJ Jessi kicked off things with a 2 hour event:

Next up was DJ Donna, who packed Club Capital even more! In fact she had 100 avis:

DJ Jami was up next and played a 2 hour rock set, which the crowd loved! Soon the sim was packed again and you guessed it--100 avis!


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