Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday Recap!

Tribute City ended a great week of events on Sunday, with 4 hours of parties and another 7Seas Fishing Event! The day kicked off at Club Capital, with DJ Jessi playing 2 hours of electro house tunes! Guests danced and partied in the club and soon packed the sim!

Following DJ Jessi was DJ anakin at xTreme Rock Club! DJ Anakin kicked off his usual metal Sunday event with some rocking tunes! Guests walked, flew, and tped over to the rock club, where they continued the party:

Soon the sim had 100 avis!! This makes DJ Anakin's 17th straight week of having at least one 100 avi set in the sim!

To close out the night, John Resident, held a great 7Seas Fishing Tournament. Fishing enthusiasts packed into the sim and participated in the 50 minute tournament.


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