Tuesday, January 1, 2013

8 HOUR New Years' Bash Recap!

Tribute City's staff and vips rang in the New Years together yesterday, with a huge 8 hour bash, that saw not one, not two, but 3 100 avi sets! DJ Jami kicked things off with host Rinka, with a 2 hour pop set, that had everyone in the mood, the sim filled up quickly, as everyone danced and had cake!

The party continued with DJ Anakin & Host AJ! DJ Anakin has a record streak going, by having at least one 100 avi set each week, for the past 14 weeks! He did not disappoint and soon the sim had 100 avis:

The party continued for the second half of the day, with DJ Cath & Host Rinka. DJ Cath had never had a 100 avi set, since she started djing in 2012, but last night she got her wish and had her very first 100 avi set! By this time everyone was still partying and having fun and prepared for the last set of the night.

The very last set of the night, was by yours truly aka DJ Jessi! I took over the stream and played a great  2 hour electro house music set, Host Rinka was still present and we packed the sim and you guessed it--100 avis once more!

Of course what is a New Years' party without fireworks?? Not a party at all! Fireworks filled the air of Tribute City, after 2pm slt! Our fireworks master was none other than Rob Fenwitch, who gave everyone a 4 hour fireworks display! You can view the fireworks show in the video below:

Check out more photos from last nights New Years' Eve bash:


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