Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Second Life Adds Tribute City to the Newcomer Friendly List!

Special thanks to Second Life's Destination Guide Editors for listing Tribute City to their Newcomer Friendly Spots category! You can view the listing in the category be clicking the screenshot on the page below:

Tribute City has recently added a newcomer resident welcome area, to help new residents get acquainted with Second Life! Inside the church, newbies and established residents will find an entire wall of freebies. The freebies are categorized for men and female avatars. There are clothing, hair, accessories, ao's, and free flight feathers for newbies, as well as the important anti vampire bite garlic necklace:

Newbies can also learn about Second Life, by viewing one of our interactive slideshow tutorials about the Second Life official viewer:

We also have a branch of the very helpful and newbie friendly organization The Torch SL guide, which has been kind enough to set up a newbie resource guide adjacent to the church:

You can visit the newbie area in Tribute City and the Torch SL Guide office by clicking the links below:


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