Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa Rocks It Out in Tribute City!

Before yesterday's big party in Tribute City, there was one on Friday also, this time with a special Santa Tribute Rock Band! Events kicked off with DJ Jessi at Club Nation:

Followed by DJ Anakin who packed the sim and kept everyone rocking at the special Santa rock stage! Host Jami was on hand to keep everyone happy! Soon the sim was packed and there were 100 avis!

After DJ Anakin, the special 90 minute Santa rock tribute band hit the stage! What happens when you mix Santa, a foul mouth reindeer and of course laced egg nogg?? Fun of course! The show featured 90 minutes of rock Christmas music and some eye raising jokes:

The party did not stop there with another late night event with DJ Jessi, this time the music was electro house and everyone was dancing the night away at Club Capital:

It was another great fun filled day at Tribute City! Below are more photos from Friday's events:


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