Saturday, December 8, 2012

Recap off Club Nations events

 Best in Angels or Devils with Dj Neilio and host Donna there was 500l on the board the club was dancing the night way.Tuesday was another 500l event with the awesome Dj Deccy blasting his tunage through out the club another good night with 60 vips in the club once again.Wednesday saw our new Dj Emillia with host Donna and 500l best in white there was another club full off vips listening to the awesome tunes that the club brings.Thursday there was Dj Donna in the club with a 500l best in blonde hair the club was filling up and all was dancing and having a good time also Donna djed again on friday with a 700l contest for best in red there was another full club with 60 odd people once again and a nice full contest board every1 was saying how much they love the club and the awesome tunes.
                                                  Club Nation rocks we love our vips you guys are awesome.


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