Monday, December 17, 2012

Nickelback Tribute Concert Rocks Tribute City!

Yesterday was the conclusion of the weekend party on Tribute City! The day was special in that a Nickelback Tribute Band played a great 90 minute show! Events started with DJ Jessi, who played a great 2 hour modern rock set!

Following DJ Jessi was DJ Anakin and Host Jami. DJ Anakin reminded everyone that it was Metal Sunday and played a great 2 hour metal set. During the set, DJ Anakin handed out memorial bracelets in honor of the  20 victims of the CT School tragedy and he played a few somber songs for the victims.

After DJ Anakin the 90 minute Nickelback Tribute Concert started and everyone was dancing and enjoying the show! The event was presented by Second Life tribute concert provider Bad Amp!

Check out the  slideshow below for more photos of Sunday's events:


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