Sunday, December 9, 2012

Introducing Tribute Living!

We are pleased to announce the new sim, Tribute Living, which is located on the WW2 Battlefield sim. Currently the sim is available for residential parcels only. We will soon add an additional sim very soon, so look for more available parcels!

The new Tribute Living Sim is now open and there are 4 estate parcels to lease! Each parcel includes full land perms, including the right to use your own group, control the access and ban lists, and terraforming!
Each parcel is 4096, includes 937 perms and is 1500ls per week! Below are available parcels:

Parcel #1:

Parcel #2:

Parcle #3:

Parcel #4:

**Please read the covenant before you purchase a parcel. The parcel prize includes the first week's rent. To purchase teleport to your chosen parcel, right click on the land and select buy.**


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