Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Fest Kicks Off!!

Today was the start of Holiday Fest (more in a separate post), at Tribute City! There was an 8 HOUR party on the sim with a variety of events! First up, yours truly did a great 2 hour modern rock set:

Followed by DJ Anakin who reminded everyone to not go to church but to listen and party to some kick a metal tunes! Host Jami was also on hand with him to keep everyone rocking out and soon the sim was full of 100 avis:

Following DJ Anakin was a special event -- an Evanescence tribute concert, performed by Bad Amp! The band played many favorite Evanscence tunes and kept everyone singing along:

The party was not over, as everyone came back for a late 2 hour set with DJ Jessi at Club Capital and danced to 2 hours of electro house music:

Join us tomorrow at Tribute City for an 8 HOUR ice skating party on our frozen canal! 8 HOURS of live djs, great music, and contests! Below are more photos from today's events:


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