Sunday, December 9, 2012


Yesterday was another big day of partying in Tribute City! In fact so big that there were back to back 100 avi sets by DJs Anakin & Donna! The day started over with DJ Anakin and Host Jami at xTreme CT Rock Club! Guests danced to 2 hours of alternative rock music! Soon the sim was packed and there were 100 avis!

Right after DJ Anakin, DJ Donna hit the decks at Club Capital! Guests followed her there and were dancing to a 2 hour pop music set! Host Tamara was on hand to keep the crowd happy and soon the sim was back to 100 avis again!

The night concluded with a 2 hour late night event at Amelias Pilot Lounge with yours truly as the DJ! 2 hours of 90s dance music filled the air and the club was packed with 80 avis!


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