Friday, December 21, 2012

Counting Down to Christmas in Tribute City!

This week saw the Christmas countdown get into full swing with Christmas inspired events throughout the Tribute City Sim! On Monday, there was a 6 hour Ice Skating Party! Where vips and guests danced and ice skated to some great tunes on the sim:

More photos of the Monday Ice Skating party can be found in the slideshow below:

On Wednesday, it was time to honor santa with an 8 HOUR Best in Santa Hats event in every single club in the sim! Guests danced to a variety of top 40s, rock, and 90s tunes throughout the day and of course showed off their santa hats:

On Thursday the party became even more Christmasy with an 8 HOUR Best in Christmas Clothing event in all the clubs on the sim! Guests showed off their best and fun Christmas outfits:

The slideshow below contains more photos from Thursday's events:

Join us throughout the weekend for more events until we countdown to Christmas Day!


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