Thursday, November 29, 2012

The events so far in Club Nation

So it was Tuesday once again and the start off Club Nations 4 days off events today started off with Dj Deccy and a 500l come as you are event the vips came flooding in and Dj Deccy and host Donna got a total off 62 avi's into the club to have a dance chat and a good ole laugh and ended up having an awesome time.

It was soon Wednesday and we were all in the club once again with Dj Jessii and host Donna this time and halfway into the best in T-shirts event Jessii manged to have her first ever sim crash while Djin but this didnt stop all the vips coming back in and getting on the board for a chance to win 500l for best in T-shirts there was another big crowd with around 60 avi's once again in the club listening to the awesome mix off tunes and chatting with the staff .

It soon hit Thursday and the return off the Dj-Mini-d they say shes small but her tunes are big and she was accomplished by her awesome hostess Jessii there was a 500l contest and was a huge pj party all the vips climbed from their beds and came crawling to the club in their pjs and just waking up but having the tunes balsted into their ears to help them wake up faster,They all soon woke up and started dancing away in their nice fluffy slippers.
 Hope you all have an awesome time here at Club Nation with all our friendly staff.


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