Sunday, November 18, 2012

The 100 Streak Continues!

This week at Tribute City, a great streak has started and continued-two in fact! The first streak is the awesome streak by DJ Anakin. DJ Anakin for the past 7 weeks, has had at least one set where he had 100 avis on the sim! Today this streak was extended to 8 weeks:

This isnt the first streak in Tribute City, the 100 avi streak has spread to other DJ's and clubs too on sim! First DJ Sweetdizzy kicked off her set on Thursday and the streak by having 100 avis:

Club Nation General Manager and DJ Donna also continued the 100 avi streak, with 100 avis on Friday & Saturday at Club Nation! This was DJ Donna's very first 100 avi set:

And where would the party be without DJ Anakin? DJ Anakin also had 100 avis, this time at xTreme CT on Friday! Kudos to these great djs and to all our Vips in Second Life for packing our sim and keeping it popular!


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