Friday, November 30, 2012

F&H Pub recap of events Week of Nov 26th

We had a fun week at Foxes and Hounds Pub. The pub and outside the pub are all decorated for winter and the holidays, snowmen and penquins can be found inside and out :) We also have a small pond outside for skating on (free skates too) and there will be a few events held outside during December.

The Pub also has an Advent Board. From Dec 1st thru 25th, stop by daily to grab a free gift from the Advent board located just outside the pub doors by the landing.

On Monday Nov 26th it was the Pub's usually Monday Come As Are with DJ/Manager Mia on the decks spinning lots of music that got everyone dancing and singing.

On Tuesday the 27th it was Best in Black n White and VIPs came in either all black, all white or a combination of the two to enter the contest. DJ/Manager Mia usually spins 80s and 90s music and this week she decided to do just 90s and played a 90s rock music set.

On Weds the 28th it was DJ Heath on the decks and a Come As Are Weds Contest on the board. VIPs had a great time dancing, mingling and listening to the awesome tunes he played. He spins a variety of music from 80s and 90s as well as current music and requests.

Thursday the 29th we went formal for the night. The VIPs cleaned up nicely and were all dressed up in gowns and tuxes (except a few who just stopped in for the music and a visit). DJ Cath was on the decks with her a selection of oldies which she does every Thursday.

And on the 30th for Come As Are Fridays, it was DJ Cath on the decks again. She played a variety of great tunes and requests. The sploder got going and everyone also made sure they were entering into the Pub's weekly 100L raffle which a winner is drawn on Friday nights :)

Next week (Dec 3rd-7th) - Besides the Mon, Weds, Friday Come As Are Contest, the Pub will have Best in Hats on Tuesday and Best in Jeans on Thursday.

Foxes and Hounds Pub is a Tribute City Off Sim venue located here:  
You can come party with Foxes and Hounds Pub Mondays 8-10am slt and Tuesdays thru Fridays 2-4pm slt.

Every Monday, Weds and Friday, the Pub has a simple Come As You Are Contest. So nice and simple for start of week, middle of week and to get the weekend started. Tuesdays the Pub has a themed contest. Tuesdays is also 80s and 90s music. On Thursdays F&H Pub does old time rock n roll and other oldies music (mostly from 60s and 70s) and also has a themed contest. There is a board on the wall at the pub that tells of the themes and DJs for the week.

Hope to see you at Foxes and Hounds Pub soon.


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