Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dj Deccy @ Club Nation 10th Nov 2012

Dj Deccy takes the stream at Club Nation as soon as he got his music blasting there was 65 avi's on the sim all ready to party with Dj Deccy and Host Donna the club soon filled up even more and had a total of 85 peeps on the sim through out the whole event the event was come as you with 2k on the board the last 3 days since the club opened has been a hell off a blast with people loving the tunes and the new club.
Jessii sat chilling and enjoying the awesome tunes off Dj Deccy.

Jessii sat chilling Neilio (asistant manager of Club) Dj Deccy   Donna(manager of club ) all having a blast at Deccys set,


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