Friday, November 23, 2012

4hour party before the foo fighters concert

Today we had a 4 hour party on the Tribute City sim a nice big warm up party beofre the Foo Fighters tribute band came on the stage at 12pm sl time.
The partt started off with a 2k Come as you are event with Dj Neilio and his host Donna the sim was on 70 avi's befor we had even hit the halfway point the vips came flooding in and didnt stop tpin their friends in either before we knew it Dj Neilio had hit 100 avi's his firts ever 100 avi set here at Trubute City the 100 avi streak doesn't seem to be stopping with all the djs hitting 100 avi's over the weeks lets hope we can keep this streak going,The second event was another 2k Come as you are contest with Dj Jessii and host Donna once again the sim stayed full at around 90 avi's through out Jessii's 100% rock set that she did so get us all in the mood for the Foo Fighters all the vips where having one well off an awesome time so lets keep the party going and dance away.


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