Monday, October 8, 2012

Tool Tribute Concert Weekend - Day #2 Recap!!

Yesterday, Tool Tribute Concert Weekend continued in Tribute City! Events kicked off at  8 am slt, with yours truly playing a 1980s rock set! Guests packed into the sim and danced to some great tunes:

At 10 am slt, DJ Anakin continued the rocking out of the sim, as Metal Sunday got underway! Host Cath was on hand to keep the crowd going and everyone partied and prepared for the special event at 12pm slt:

At 12pm slt, the Tool Tribute Band took the stage and played a great 90 minute set of the band's favorite tunes! Tool fans and newcomers alike danced and rocked it out for 90 more minutes and the party did not end here!

After the Tool tribute concert, guests packed into Xtreme CT Club and danced for 2 more hours to a variety of house and dance songs:


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