Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pirates n Witches n More @ Foxes n Hounds Pub

Foxes and Hounds Pub continued to keep in the Halloween spirit on their Themed Contest days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) the last week. Mondays, Weds and Fridays are Come As You Are Contests.

On Thursday the 18th there were Pirates all around the Pub for a Best Pirate/Wench Contest with DJ Cath on the decks spinning a variety of old time rock n roll and other oldies. There was some ghost pirates protecting a treasure and those who got to close found themselves in a cloud of blood :) A few pics from the event:

Tuesday the 23rd there was lots of brooms and witches floating around on them for Best Witch/Warlock Contest. Tuesday is also trivia night and Manager/DJ Mia Deluca did part one of Halloween Trivia. She spun a selection of witchy tunes mixed in with her normal 80s and 90s music. A few pics from the event:

The rest of the time were Come As Are Contests and there was DJ Mia on Mondays and DJ Heath on Weds and Friday this last week. DJ Heath pictured below for one of his sets. He looking a bit thin :)

On Friday the 19th, while covering for DJ Cath, DJ Heath hit 40 peeps partying at the Pub and bumped the contest board to 1k for the great job the VIPs did of getting the number to 40.

Some pictures from the Come As You Are Parties:
Monday Oct 22nd with DJ Mia:

Weds Oct 24th with DJ Heath:

Foxes and Hounds Pub is a Tribute City Off Sim venue located here:  
You can come party with Foxes and Hounds Pub Mondays 8-10am slt and Tuesdays thru Fridays 2-4pm slt.

Every Monday, Weds and Friday, the Pub has a simple Come As You Are Contest. So nice and simple for start of week, middle of week and to get the weekend started. Tuesdays the Pub has a themed contest as well as trivia for you to win lindens with. Tuesdays is also 80s and 90s music. On Thursdays F&H Pub does old time rock n roll and other oldies music (mostly from 60s and 70s) and also has a themed contest. There is a board on the wall at the pub that tells of the themes and DJs for the week.

Hope to see you at Foxes and Hounds Pub soon.


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