Thursday, September 6, 2012

Foxes and Hounds Pub's Manager, Mia Deluca, RezDay Party

Today at Foxes and Hounds Pub, we celebrated Manager Mia Deluca's 6th RezDay.

Foxes and Hounds Pub is a Tribute City Off Sim venue located here:

We had a great time at Foxes and Hounds Pub as DJ Cath and Host Cam helped pack the Pub along with some of Mia's friends who came for the party.

There was 1k on the board for a Come As Are Contest.

DJ Cath spun a variety of tunes from a list of Mia's favorites and everyone enjoyed the selection of tunes Mia picked out.

There was dancing, mingling, cake eating and sploder action going on. Sploder even hit 500L one time and came close to that a few other times. 

There is always a great time to be had at Foxes and Hounds Pub. Friendly atmosphere and staff, you are sure to have a great time too. Stop in and see us soon. There is a board on wall at Pub that tells the hours for Live DJs and who the DJ is and what the contest themes are. Every Monday, Weds and Friday it is nice and simple though, Come As You Are. :)
There is live DJs and Contests Mondays 8-10am slt and Tuesdays thru Fridays 2-4pm slt. And Tuesdays is also Trivia Night.

Hope to see you at the Pub soon.


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