Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Events Rock Tribute City!

On Monday, the three clubs on Tribute City opened and kept the sim packed for 6 straight hours! Club Capital kicked off the 6 hour day of events, with DJ Cath and host Rinka keeping everyone happy and of course dancing! Guests and VIP's raved about the new British decor of Club Capital, which returned the club back to it's British roots:

At 12pm slt the newly created Capital Rock Club, opened it's doors for the first time! Capital Rock Club or CT Rock Club for short, will open 12 to 2pm slt and have 100% rock music. DJ Anakin opened the club with some heavy metal tunes which kept everyone headbanging:

After rocking it out, guests headed to the newly redesigned Amelia's Pilot Lounge, which now features 1980s to 1990's music! DJ Cath returned to take everyone back to the 1980's with a variety of fun 1980's pop tunes:

You can party 7 days a week in Tribute City! Check out our event's calendar for a complete listing of events!


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