Phillip Moura Comes to Black Eagle Live!

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Live Performer Phillip Moura came to the all new Black Eagle Live venue! This venue is set up specifically for Relay For Life of Second Life events and has a classical ballroom theme to it! Phillip did a great fundraiser, playing movie tunes via his flute in real life and even threw in some trivia! Below are more photos from the fundraiser:

70's Fest Event Recap!

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Black Eagle Rock Club and the Tribute City Relayers went back to the 1970's for 70's fest, which was a week long fundraiser for Relay For Life! Tye Dye was the clothing of choice and VW bugs were on everyone's minds! Below are photos from this event:

Jail N Bail With DawnBeam Dreamscape Recap!

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The Tribute City Relayers have held a few jail n bail events! The first was with Dawnbeam Dreamscape! Dawn is on the steering committee for Relay For Life this year. Below are photos from this event:

Below are more photos from the event:

Return to the 1950's!

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The Tribute City Relayers returned to the 1950's last weekend, with 2 7Seas Fishing Relay For Life fundraiser! Both fundraisers were held at Requiem and featured DJ John playing some groovy 1950's tunes, bingo, and of course fishing! Below are photots from both days of the fundraisers:

Tribute City Relayer's St. Patrick's Day & Western Party Fundraisers Recaps!

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The Tribute City Relayers have held some interesting Relay For Life of Second Life Fundraisers so far this year! One was a Best in Green event on St. Patrick's Day! The event was djed by Black Eagle Owner Johannes1977 Resident and featured some great rock tunes! Below are more photos from this event:

On Saturday, March 22, the Tribute City Relayers had a country western party with DJ John also as the dj and playing 2 hours of country music! Everyone lined danced and even rode on a few horses!  On St. Patrick's Day, the team had a huge party with a Best in Green contest:

Mary J. Blige Tribute Concert RFL Fundraiser Recap!

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It was a busy weekend for the Tribute City Relayers with two Relay For Life of Second Life Fundraisers! One fundraiser was held last Friday at the new Rock Creek Park complex and was a Mary J. Blige Tribute concert by Rush Entertainment! Zen Land was a sponsor of the event! Everyone packed the sim and soon the sim was full and had 100 avis! The event raised 17,000L's for Relay For Life of Second Life! Below are some photos from the event:

St. Patrick's Day Fundraiser @ Black Eagle Rock Club!

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Join us at Black Eagle Rock Club for a special St. Patrick's Day party and Relay For Life of Second Life fundraiser! DJ John will be playing 2 hours of your favorite classic rock tunes from the 1970s to 1990s and there will be a 1000L's Best in Green contest! Special St. Patrick's Day items are also up for grabs, with 100% proceeds going to Relay For Life of Second Life! Let's green it up for a cure!

Mary J. Blige Tribute Concert RFL of SL Fundraiser!

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On this upcoming Friday, the Tribute City Relayers will hold their 2nd team fundraising event! The event will consist of a 2 hour Mary J. Blige Tribute Concert and a DJ party! The event is a joint event hosted by Zen Land and Rush Entertainment! The party starts at 6pm slt, we hope to see you there!

Tribute City Relayers - Relay Kick Off & Zorro's Tavern Pirate Fundraiser Recap

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The past weekend was a busy one for the Tribute City Relayers! Our team Co-Captain, Johannes1977 Resident aka John, kicked off the Sunday morning at the official Relay For Life of Second Life Kickoff party with 1 hour of rock music! With the SL viewer not changing time and with the real life time difference, the rock music was needed! John's lady, RoxyLee Rayna, was on hand to dance with John!

At 2pm slt on Sunday, the Tribute City Relayers had their first official fundraiser at Zorro's Tavern! The theme was pirate and nautical. DJ Cia played a great set, mixed with sea songs! Mermaids and pirates could be found everywhere!

Late that night, an impromptu kiosk party at the Relay For Life kick off closing party was held! And who showed up?? Rob, John, and Roxy of course!

It was a great day for the Tribute City Relayers! With all of the events yesterday, our team has now raised a bit over 78,000Ls for Relay For Life of Second Life, only 22,000Ls away from silver! Thanks to everyone who supported us yesterday! View the slide show below for more photos of yesterday's events:

Tribute Relayer's Events - Weekend of March 8, 2014

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This weekend the Tribute City Relayers has it's very first fundraising event at Zorro's Tavern, from 2 to 4pm slt with DJ Cia! The party theme is pirate/nautical so dust off those wooden legs and those plumed hats and lets make cancer walk the plank!

At this fun event, you can also purchase a special memento, with 100% of the proceeds going to Relay For Life of Second Life:

Roxy's Rez Day Recap

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This past Tuesday, RoxyLee Rayna, and Tribute patron, celebrated her 6th rez day in Second Life! To honor the feat, she had parties all day long, thrown by Black Eagle Rock Club Owner John. Several of the events were at Black Eagle Rock Club. The first event was a 7Seas Fishing Contest, where contestants fished and had cake to honor Roxy:

The party continued with a special 2 hour rock set at Black Eagle Rock Club! The vips all came together to wish Roxy a Happy 6th Rez Day! DJ John played 2 hours of Roxy's fav rock songs:

Events continued at Roxy's sim of Requiem and throughout Second Life! Below are more photos from the special day:

Join the Tribute City Relayers at Relay For Life of Second Life Kickoff 2014!!

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It is Relay For LIfe of Second Life Kickoff!! The Tribute City Relayers will be there in full swing! Our tropical hut is already set up with great items up for grabs, including a special vehicle! Our team captain, John, is also djing at kickoff on Sunday, March 9, 2014, from 9am to 10am slt! Do not miss his special set and stop by our kickoff hut for some fun and exciting items up for grabs!

Black Eagle Rock Club is Now Hiring Hosts!

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Are you looking for a job in Second Life? If so then apply to be a host or hostess at Black Eagle Rock Club! The club is currently looking for friendly and fun people who would like a job in Second Life! To apply, simply fill out our online application